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Welcome to the ultimate guide for online casinos and free spins enjoyed by players and internet pirates around the globe. Online Casinos with free offers for new and old players is our focus here at In our guide you will be treated to exclusive free spin offers that are not available anywhere else online. These offers will ensure that even when you decide to play at any of the listed casinos, you won’t have to risk a penny of your money.

You will get some free spins as soon as you sign up and you don’t have to pay anything. As soon as you make your sign up to one of the casinos in our guide your account will be credited and you will receive your complementary free spins. Our top list below provides a list of the best free spins casinos with great offers. Perfect for all you gamblers and internet pirates around the world.

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No deposit bonus

Our quest and findings for the best free spins online has not stopped us from wanting more and desiring stand-alone spins that have no links whatsoever to any specific online casino site or brand. This means that if you share our sense of adventure our recommendation for you is to consider going with the no deposit bonus. Although they’re not so common, there are still casinos however that offer no deposit bonuses to new players.

It is also noteworthy that in most casinos, no deposit bonuses have very severe wagering requirements. This is to avoid abuse of the bonus due to the fact that giving out money without the guarantee of anything in return can be quite costly for these casinos. If you however, meet all the criteria required, you can make a lot of money with the barest risk. Just be sure to pick a casino without maximum limits on withdrawal when you win with your free bonus.

Finding a casino with no deposit offers for new players can be quite tricky. We have however put together some really nice bonuses that are available to players for free upon signup. All you have to do is go to our no deposit site and pick a casino from the top list to acquire instant money to play with without making any form of deposit.

The wonder of free spins

People who have had no previous encounter with free spins are probably wondering about all the attention it’s getting. I think we should give you the history of free spin’s rise to the top of casino online bonuses. All this began a few years ago after the online casino market exploded and actors became interested in benefiting from the bounty.

At this point, new players in online casinos could only get certain percentages as welcome bonuses which were linked to extremely stringent wagering conditions. It was only a matter of time before there was a shake-up of the whole system due to the fact that there was a lot of competition between brands and an absence of new ideas.

Sometime in 2009, certain top casinos offered a new innovative form of bonus to their players. The new form of bonus was referred to as free spins and it greatly differed from the usual first deposit bonus. It gave players an opportunity to test a casino before making any deposit with free spins given according to certain online slots. The number of free rounds offered to players was prearranged but could vary depending on the casino involved.

Wagering requirements

Just like what is obtainable in majority of the bonuses available for online casinos, the free spins have certain terms and conditions attached to them. Wagering requirements is the most common of them all. Although, these days, more casinos are letting go of their free spins wagering requirements, but many of them still require players to follow certain conditions to enable their free spin winnings to be transformed to actual cash from bonus money.

What this means is that, before you qualify for withdrawal, your winnings will have to be turned over several times. If for example you win $10 on ten welcome spins given to you by a casino, and the casino has a wagering requirement x20 attached to all the spins given out, you would be required to place a wager of $10 twenty times before it can be transformed to actual cash for you. The bottom line is that, you must play for at least $200 before you become qualified to cash out your money. The wagering requirements set on free spins are however not as high as that of real no deposit bonuses where you’re allotted some amounts to play with free of charge.

A lot of casinos are getting rid of their wagering requirements because of the competitiveness of the market. The significance of this is that in certain casinos, all winnings on free spins are converted to cash. Which means that players who are lucky enough to win huge amounts on their free rounds, can automatically cash it out if they so desire.

Some tips for our roulette players

One of the most widely known and popular casino games in the history of gambling is the roulette. Chances are when people say the word “gambling”, the first thing that pops up in your head is that infamous wheel with 37 numbers, red and black (and green), and the ball that spins until it lands on a certain number. Well, this game is as addictive as it is popular, and in this article, we’ll share with you a few tips which you can use in order to improve your chances of beating the house and walking away with hefty profits.

The first tip that we will share is for you to find a certain roulette system that suits your character. There are many roulette systems (or betting strategies) in existence – as some of the smarter players try to beat the system and invent new rules which you can follow in order to do so.

Picking a system will improve your odds of winning something, and decrease your odds of losing. But you must be aware that as of the creation of the game, no system has been mathematically proven as a winning one. In fact, there’s an urban legend that says that the person that created the roulette shot himself in the head with a gun, because of the fact that he couldn’t find a way to beat the game – roulette is also known as the “devil’s game”, and this notion is supported by the fact that when you add up all the numbers from 1 to 36, you get the sum of 666, which in the Christian religion is the devil’s number. Perfect for you internet pirates out there!

But urban legends aside, you can play roulette for fun, and you won’t go crazy if you’re careful not to overindulge your gambling passions. So, the next tip is that you should always take roulette for what it is – a way to have fun in your spare time, and maybe even make some profit out of it. But if you go at it with the mindset of expecting to make millions – then you have another thing coming.

In addition to this, don’t use the roulette systems that use progression. A progression in roulette means doubling (or tripling) your bets on the table for each consecutive turn, until you win something. A classic manifestation of progression in roulette is the Martingale strategy, the grandfather of all roulette systems. The rule here goes that if you place a bet on red, for example, and you lose, then you double up on the bet.

And if you lose again, then you double up again on top of your previous bet. And you go this way until you win again. If you win you get a meager sum, and there are big chances of frequent winnings, especially if you have a lot of money to back the progression up. But the bad part comes if you lose. At the end of the progression the bets become huge – and this means that if you fail, you might go bankrupt, and this can all happen in a few spins of the wheel.

So, keep these hints in mind when you want to play roulette, and you’ll come out of the experience the way you should – refreshed and nourished, ready to go on with your life. If you fail to follow these hints and tips, then you might go bankrupt really easy, and even worse, lose your sanity or walk the pirate ship plank. And there you have it, these are what we think are the most important roulette tips you should follow.