Free Spins

As long as you know where to search, it is not so difficult to locate free spins. With us, you’ll be exposed to the best free spins offers, better than any real casino in the world have to offer. The list below contains not only free spins with no deposit, but also extra free rounds available to players upon making their first deposit to the casino. Before signing up, don’t hesitate to go through our complete review to enlighten you on all the different available brands.

Free spins for old players

A lot of the offers that can be found in our top list can only be used by new players at the specific casinos. But the fact that you’re not a new player doesn’t mean you won’t get any free spins. Plenty of casinos have offers and promotions for old players. And majority of the time, the promotions come with free rounds and free bonuses. Some of the offers require deposit, while others don’t. So therefore, being a member does not stop you from acquiring free spins.

free spins

Casino Offers

Casinos utilize several approaches to not only reward their players, but to also ensure that they come back to play again. To achieve this, they make several offers and promotions available to players. It should be noted however that all players don’t necessarily get the same offers. This is because casinos make use of a lot of segments to differentiate their players. That is the reason why some offers are referred to as “segmented offers”. It means members are offered different deals. With this, casinos are able to reward their regular players ahead of those who barely ever make any deposit. The key to qualifying for the most lucrative offers is to remain active in the casino.

This system seems fair, considering the fact that it rewards loyal customers. Therefore, it is always advisable for players to make at least one deposit to their favorite casinos because depositing players will always be treated to better deals and offers compared to free players.

Free spins with no wagering requirements of any kind

With the passage of time, free spins without wagering requirements have become prevalent. Casinos use this medium to express their appreciation to their customers. These kinds of spins are really well known because players don’t have to bet with their personal funds. This makes all their winnings real cash and not just bonus money.

Some poker history

If you have any experience with the gambling world whatsoever, then you must have heard about the game of poker. The game is a classic, and millions of players play poker on a daily basis. But here does the popularity of it originate from? After all, every game has its own history, and the tale of poker is a fun one to listen. So, how did the game of poker came to be?

There are various speculations as to the origins of the game of poker. Some historians place the origins at around a thousand years ago. The estimates vary though, and there is a hypothesis that poker originates from an ancient Chinese domino card game, played in the tenth century. Some other speculations place the origin of poker somewhere around the sixteenth century, in Persia, in the form of the game “As Nas”.

But the closest relative of poker in relatively modern times was the game of Poque, a game played in France in the seventeenth century. This, and the German contemporary Pochen, are the basis on which the modern variations of poker are built on. These two games evolved from the Spanish game called Primero, and they consisted of handing three cards to the players, and each card had its own strength. Then the players would continue playing with the dealt hand and have the option to bluff and play mind games with the other players. Which is really alike to the modern version of poker.

The French then colonized parts of North America, and they brought the game of Poque with them, and Poque was especially popular in the area of New Orleans. The popularity of the game spread really quickly, and people of English origin renamed the game into poker, and this is the version that we know today.

The game started spreading along the banks of Mississippi, and this was largely due to the fact that it was immensely popular among crewmen of the riverboats that sailed on the river. It was also very popular among soldiers of the both the North and the South, in the American civil war.

The game quickly become a staple in the saloons. Poker was reintroduced in Europe in the year of 1871, when Queen Victoria overheard the US minister to Great Britain explaining the rules to members of the royal court. She then asked for the rules herself.

American soldiers during World War I have spread the popularity of poker in Europe, and since then it’s among the most beloved activities among Europeans.

Since then there have been a few modifications, and there are a few important variations of poker that are frequently played nowadays. Variations such as five-card draw, seven-card stud, and most importantly, Texas HoldEm, are the core of the game. This goes especially for Texas HoldEm, as this variation is played in the World Series of Poker, and millions of players that swear in the game’s addictiveness and brilliance can’t all be wrong.