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Below you will find the pirates favourite slot machines. The slot is a very easy game to start with if you have no prior experience with online gambling but also offers thrills for the more experienced players. Almost all online slots are coming with some free spins attached.

Our views on Slots UK

There are many different gambling games that you can play nowadays. Gambling proclivity as a trait is embedded in the essence of humanity, and it’s only natural that there are many different games in existence, and that gambling is really popular among people. Well, among the sea of various gambling games, one stands out. It’s the slot machines.

Now, we are not experts on sociology and the psychological impact on being born in the western world. But if you were born in any developed country, then you must have heard about slot machines.

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The slot machines are gambling games that are really easy to get a grasp on. Chances are that even a toddler will be able to play the slots, as it’s really simple to do so. If you play online, then you will need to press a button in order to play, and modify your bets. If you play in real life, the sole difference is that you’ll often have to pull a lever in order to start the round. Easy, right?

Well, this is the core essence of the game – but there are many finesses that you should have in mind before playing. The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of different variations of slot machine games, each and every one differing from the rest in a unique way. So, even though the mechanisms of the games are all the same, they still differ in some ways.

5-reel slot machines

For example, there are some online casino slot machine games where there are 5 pay lines, and some slots that only have one pay line. There are even slots that feature more than 20 pay lines! Pay lines are the lines on which the symbols can make a winning combination, and they can go one way or both ways, or diagonally, or in any other way you can think of.

Typically, more pay lines mean bigger chances of winning something, but they also mean that you will have to place bigger bets. The slot machines are designed in a way in which no single game is better than the others.

Symbols and bonuses

But they all have their own unique quirks and they will suit different players at different times. There’s the volatility of the game that you need to consider. Highly volatile slot machine games mean that you could win a lot of money with your bets, but that there will be far lower chances of you winning. Slot machines with low volatility mean that you’ll have more frequent winnings, but of lower value. The symbols vary from one game to the next, and they all have their arbitrary values attached to them.

Some games have wild symbols that can effectively act as any other symbol in the game, and win you money in any given combination. There can also be scatter symbols which have unique properties, such as potentially opening up a bonus game for you to play – where the rules are a bit different and typically more in your favor. So, as we’ve mentioned, there’s a variance in the details of the slot machine games. But the core principles are the same – you pull the lever and hope for the best. It’s a simple game, and this is why we like it the best.